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  • No Hoe Ram

    Less Vibration

    No flying pieces

    Avoid peripheral damage


  • Chunk Excavation

    No More Effort Required to
    Remove the Broken Pavement

  • Slabs of Pavement

    Asphalt Over Concrete

    Another Condition You Will Not
    Encounter with the
    Street Trencher

  • Loading Broken Pavement

    The Danger and Difficulty of
    Loading Large Chunks
    Completely Avoided with the
    Street Trencher

  • Crushing Plant

    You'll No Longer Be a
    Frequent Visitor Here

Utility Friendly

Avoid Peripheral Damage to Utilities and Surrounding Property

Installation of utility pipelines is done to improve the distribution system; not damage it. The need to constantly upgrade and improve the utility systems and make connections for new business is an ongoing activity.Traffic disruption and extensive restoration work seems endless to the general public. The less disruptive it is and the faster it goes without causing other damage, the better.

Conventional pavement removal and disposal operations frequently impact day-to-day activity. One example of this is the removal of slabs of concrete and thick asphalt that remain after saw cutting.  Frequently, removal of the slab requires breaking up the pieces with a hoe ram or lifting and dropping the slab to break it so that it may be safely loaded onto a truck for disposal.

Avoid Hammering Slabs

The noise and impact of a hoe ram is avoided with using the Street Works Street Trencher. While the Street Trencher's cutting and grinding process is very intense, it actually creates significantly less vibrations than more conventional methods. The reduced vibrations result in less potential damage to existing utilities and reduces the possibility of liability exposure.

With the Street Works Street Trencher, the utility trench is cut and the pavement is crushed.

If you have trench to cut, call us and we can discuss the options.  Whether it be a purchase, contract cutting or lease of a machine with or without an operator, Street Works can make you money.