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Street Works Street Trencher


370 horsepower and massive hydraulic flow make the Tigercat T726G Street Trencher  a unique product for pavement cutting prior to trench line excavation. When compared to a road saw or rock wheel, the T726G Street Trencher both cuts and crushes the pavement at whatever depth you require. Concrete, asphalt pavement and frozen ground is easily cut to a set width and all material is processed to a size acceptable as backfill material.


On average, the Tigercat Street Trencher cuts and crushes approximately 250 feet in a half hour. Imagine the productivity difference in your everyday job!

Crushed Material

During the cutting process, the cut material is sized by the breaker bar and left loose and uncompacted behind the machine. This crushed mixture of pavement and base material is fluffed up and easy to excavate or grade. This also allows traffic to pass over the cut area.

Traffic Flow

The City of Chicago's Permitting Board has said the Street Trencher "is much more convenient for our citizens." The Street Trencher refills the cut as it goes. After simple grading, traffic is able to pass behind the machine. There is no road saw slurry to splash on anyone's car while traveling through the job site. The Street Trencher's rapid cutting pace and revolutionary refilling abilities mean that busy streets and intersections will be less impacted by your operation.

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