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Potential New Profits

wallet 256It is simple. The Street Trencher will make you money, lower your labor costs and shorten your project schedule. It provides extraordinary cost efficiencies.

For a comparison on one project, a customer saw cut a section of asphalt road 12” thick and it took a good part of the day to do it. We cut the exact same amount in the same material in less than 45 minutes. On another project, the job could not be started due to permits not being issued. The morning the permit was issued, 10 minutes after receiving the call, the pavement cutting started. Forty-five minutes later, the trench had been cut for a full crew day of production.

You Do The Math

an accountant calculating cost savingsFigure the Potential Savings -Our Staff is Ready to Help

Factors to consider in your calculations:

  • Speed of Cutting
  • Cut and Crush Pavement in One Operation
  • No Disposal
  • Little or No Trucking
  • Faster Mark Out
  • One Mark Out Line
  • No Slurry
  • Less Water
  • No Dumping Fees
  • No Steel Plates

If you excavate utility trenches every day, you know the costs to perform the operations required. We guarantee that, in almost all conditions, the Street Works Street Trencher will out-perform any other pavement cutting method and make you money.

accounting-office-our-staff-smallOur Staff is Standing by, Ready, Willing and Able to Help You Plan Your Potential Profits

If you have a pavement cutting problem and want to find the best way to resolve it, give us a call today. We will prove, in real-world conditions, just what the Street Trencher can do.