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Extraordinary Pavement Cutting Speed

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The high hydraulic flow, efficient hydrostatics, weight and horsepower of the Tigercat T726G combine to produce fast pavement cutting speeds. You might think the Street Trencher would be a high maintenance, expensive machine to own and operate. However, thoughtfully designed and correctly constructed for the task at hand, the Street Trencher is, in fact, very economical. A daily diet of 18 to 24 inches of reinforced concrete, heavy asphalt or frozen ground is no problem for the Street Trencher.


With heavy-duty construction throughout, powerful hydraulics, high horsepower, combined with our 14 years of experience, we have learned that this Tigercat machine will give you a real competitive edge in pavement cutting.

Skepticism is Good

Be skeptical, as you should be, We know this is a different concept in street opening technology. We invite you to put a Street Works Street Trencher to the test on thick, hard concrete, heavy blacktop or frozen ground.  We are confident it will make you money.