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Carbide Cutting vs. Diamond Cutting

Truly Unique Utility Cutting

Years of testing and development as well as hours and hours of field experience have proven the durability and economics of the Street Works Street Trencher. We know what works and what doesn't. The concept of street trenching is a new, groundbreaking approach to street pavement removal. This machine produces a cut trench in concrete or asphalt pavement utilitizing carbide cutters to both cut and crush the material, producing a totally recyclable product.

A Comparison of Diamond vs. Carbide


Diamond Saw Street Works Street Trencher
Cutting Width approx. 0.22" Cutting Width 18-48"
Segments Not Replaceable Replaceable Bits
Asphalt over concrete requires special blade Easily accommodated with standard bits
High RPMs required Low RPMs used
2,500 RPM 100 RPM
Noise 115 db(A) +/- AM/FM Stereo in Cab
Ear Muff Hearing Protection Required No Hearing Protection Required
Large Water Volume Necessary Little or No Water Required
Slurry Containment is a Must No Slurry
Substantial Pavement Clean-Up Required Prior to Opening to Traffic Normal End-of-Day Clean-Up
Multiple Cutting Passes Required One Full-Depth Pass Both Cuts and Crushes Material
High Operator Skill Level Required Minimal training required for Street Trencher operation
Arbor Attachment of Blade Critical Large 4” Drum Bearing
Blade Wear Goes Up if Cut is Too Deep Wear Unaffected By Cutting Too Deep
Checking Depth Requires Cutting Wedge To Check the Depth, Simply Raise the Head
8 Hours of Cutting Time 45 Minutes of Cutting and Crushing Time*
* Speed comparisons based on historical information and testimonials

Add Up the Columns

Take a moment to evaluate the comparisons above.  We think you'll agree that the Street Works Street Trencher creates a new standard for pavement cutting.  To learn more about how the Street Trencher can make you money, give us a call today at 508-944-8197 or 508-269-7775.