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Two Operations - One Machine

Cut and Crushed PavementClick for enlarged view of how the cut looks

  • Cut
  • Crush

With a single pass, the Tigercat T726G Street Trencher grinds a cut through the roadway to the depth required. The width of the trench opening is determined by the selection of the appropriate drum. Cutting width may be selected from 18 to 48 inches with depths up to 20 inches.

Crushed Material

Typically, the pavement and road base material are crushed to a nominal 1-1/4-inch minus process material. The cut made by the Street Trencher alters the density of the road surface, resulting in a windrow of material left behind as the machine advances. The height of the windrow behind the machine varies with the depth of the cut. On many projects, a skid steer loader follows the cutting operation and picks up the excess process material that is left above grade. The excavation for the utility trench then follows without the difficulty involved in attempting to load chunk pavement into trucks for disposal.

No Disposal

crushed pavement and cutter smallClick for Larger View of the Crushed Pavement The cutting tools are available in several styles to match the materials being cut. The force as the drum rotates, combined with a custom-manufactured breaker bar, sizes the material as it is cut. With the high horsepower, hydraulic flow and weight of the Tigercat T726G carrier available to cut thick concrete and asphalt, the teeth keep breaking the pavement until it is the correct nominal size. The resulting pieces of pavement are mixed in with the base material during the cutting. Since it is not as dense, the machine creates excess swell from the cutting action. The processed pavement can easily be picked up by a skid steer, backhoe or loader and stockpiled for later use.


Consistent Trench Width

Determined by the drum width selection, the sides of the trench always stay parallel. As a result of the sides of the trench remaining consistently parallel, compaction equipment, trench boxes, etc. will not bind as can occur with even the best saw cut.

If you have a pavement cutting opportunity, we welcome the chance to discuss it with you. Our extensive experience obtained over the past 14 years utilizing the Tigercat Street Trenchers has enabled us to solve many pavement cutting problems.